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Diving in to the world of concept helmets

I try to avoid getting caught up in the idea of concept uniforms and concept helmet designs, but I recently stumbled across the designs put together by Dylan Young, of Deeyung Entertainment. While most of the designs seem to follow a similar formula (take the team’s logo, blow it up and plaster it on the side of a helmet), I was intrigued by a few of the designs I saw. I could actually see a couple of the college helmets being a good fit for an alternate helmet, and for those who follow me you know how picky I can be with alternate helmets.

Here are a few I actually kinda sorta like…


First, take the alternate white helmet idea and replace the smaller and darker Arkansas Razorbacks logo with a blown up gray mascot. I call this the Boise State Alternate Method, which is something that has been mimicked by Mississippi State. I still think Arkansas has an underrated helmet as it is, but this would be far from the most offensive alternate take on a helmet.


Honestly, I am not thrilled at all about the idea of Oklahoma using an alternate helmet, and I am not actually a big fan of this particular take. However, I liked the creativity and uniqueness of the design compared to other concept helmet art put together by the artist.


Navy has hit home run after home run with its alternate helmets in recent years, and they look great in white or the more traditional gold. Last year for the Army-Navy Game the Midshipmen rolled out an alternate navy blue helmet, which was sharp. While I prefer either gold or white for Navy’s helmet, this blue alternate has some potential. Perhaps a matte blue finish with a shiny gold Navy logo and face mask?

San Diego State

This design for San Diego State may be the most likely to actually be used. It sticks to the standard San Diego State helmet look, but gives the logo much more emphasis and incorporates the colors of the school’s brand everywhere without getting too distracting. I would like to see this one be worn by the Aztecs if possible.


This design for the Washington Huskies is not too bad either. Sure, I would prefer Washington to stick with the “W” on the side of their regular or shiny gold helmets, but if they ever choose to go with some more purple, this might be the way to go. It’s better than black at least. Keep the white helmet, ditch the black and add the purple.

Arizona State

If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought Arizona State has already rolled out this design. This follows the influence of some recent Arizona State helmets, and this could easily slide into the mix in Temple.

There are many more football helmets to browse on the Fresh Football Helmets Instagram account, including some for Penn State, Notre Dame, Alabama, Ohio State and many more alongside NFL concepts. Which helmets do you like the best? Which do you despise? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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