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This alternate matte-black helmet for Texas is not happening

Matte black Texas football helmetMatte black Texas football helmet

There are certain programs that should never ever cross a certain line when it comes to their look. The Texas Longhorns are one of those programs. This is why I got a bit sick to my stomach this morning as I was enjoying my morning coffee when I saw this…

Matte black Texas helmet

Don’t count on seeing this anytime soon at Texas.


In all honesty, the design of the helmet is not all that bad. The matte black is sharp and the Longhorn logo really stands out well on the finish. If Texas was wearing this on Halloween — at Iowa State — then it would make some sense and would look pretty good.

That said, do not count on this helmet ever seeing the light of day. Not in 2015 at least.

First, this picture appears to be of a smaller helmet, perhaps a display piece. It might even be a custom paint job seeing as it looks like the photos are being taken from inside a home. That is the first red flag. Second, Charlie Strong ins the head coach at Texas, and he has shown a track record for not wanting his team to get into these types of alternate uniforms. See how often Louisville suited up in anything but the standard red or white while Strong was in Louisville. Compare that to how often Bobby Petrino did so before and after Strong.

Strong knows Texas needs to bring back a certain energy, and I think that may force his hand to do at least one thing that goes against the grain for his coaching mentality. I would not bet on alternate matte black helmets being on that list just yet.

Or, maybe this helmet is not black and orange at all

Helmet sticker to Reddit for sparking the conversation and Ryan Newsome for tweeting the image.

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It's def full size and def matte black 👌🏻🐂


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