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Tennessee joins the Nike family and shows off new uniforms

Navy joining the American Athletic Conference was not the only big change taking place in college football today. Tennessee officially joined the Nike family with a grand showcase of a brand new line-up of uniforms across the athletic department. Of course, that means new football uniforms for the Vols in 2015.

First thing’s first, Tennessee’s new away uniforms are perfect, whether paired with the white pants or Tennessee orange. The side of the pants incorporates the signature checkerboard pattern (so does the back of the football helmet) and Nike does well with the number font on the uniform. It is just enough of an updated look without going completely overboard in changing up Tennessee’s look. The away uniform features the orange neckline and the power “T” logo at the bottom of the neckline. The “T” also appears on the right hip. Absolutely zero complaints from me about Tennessee’s look here. Here is a look at the road uniform with white pants (the Tennessee stromtrooper)…

And now with the orange pants…

Tennessee’s home uniform sees a similar update. Nothing too over-the-top to see, and that is a perfect way to go about it. Again, no complaints here.

Of course, you knew this was coming. As you watched the reveal of uniforms for other sports you saw the dreaded alternate smoke gray uniform combos roll out. Football was no exception to this much to my chagrin. You know how I feel, and I won’t go on much further. It is all about attracting the attention of recruits and high school kids are dumb enough to fall for the most boring color being sold to them as exciting. Here’s a look at Tennessee’s latest smoke gray uniform and helmet which hopefully is only worn once before being thrown in a campfire at the end of the season.

The black helmet does have the SMokey Mountains etched into the design, which is a neat little feature. still, I can’t get on board with the forced monochromatization of college football.

What do you think about the new uniforms for the Vols? Leave your rating using the star ranking option below, and feel free to leave your comments as well.

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