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A reminder that we all need to keep our priorities straight

On Tuesday University of Georgia’s independent;y run student newspaper, The Red & Black, released a report about Georgia wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie being investigated for an alleged death threat against a woman. The incident occurred Monday night at a Chilli’s restaurant and identified McKenzie as the one making verbal threats, with four other Georgia players listed as potential witnesses to the situation. From what I can see, The Red & Black has done nothing wrong here in citing information from a police report. But this being Alabama week, some Georgia fans feel the student-run newspaper timed this report specifically for page views¬†leading up to the biggest game of the season.

Here are a few examples of some people that may need to recheck their priorities before continuing being a college football fan.

Every fan base, in college and the pros, has a certain segment of fans that care way too much about the game than how the players are acting in public. I do not know if McKenzie is guilty or innocent or if this situation was blown completely out of proportion. However, if there is a police report listing one of the top players on a¬†team, it is a news organization’s duty to relay whatever information has been learned with their readers. Some organisations gear their priorities specifically around whatever will garner the most page views, but I have found more often than not this is not the case of student-run news media outlets. It is not a media outlet’s job to protect and sell a brand or a team. It is their job to research and relay information for the masses even if that means mentioning a starting wide receiver on an emerging conference contender the week of the biggest game of the year.

I will say the leading headline was a bit on the sensationalist side, as only one player appears to be connected to any legal issues while four others are simply identified as witnesses, so I can understand why some would be upset with how the story was shared. Util we know more of the details it is hard to say just how serious this story really is. Whether it is worst than looks or not, I sincerely hope we can just remind ourselves that some things truly are more important than a game. The timing of a certain game should not dictate when a story is reported.

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