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OK, let’s talk about that Virginia Tech helmet

Virginia Tech will wear a memorial decal on helmets this week

Last week the nation was shocked with the latest in an ongoing series of deadly shootings across the country, this one taking place in Roanoke, Virginia and being captured on live television. Journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward of WDBJ-7 were gunned down during a live morning news spot, and their killer was tracked down only to take the extreme coward’s way out by taking his own life rather than face the judicial system. In memory of Parker and Ward, Virginia Tech will wear a special memorial sticker on their helmets this weekend, starting on Monday night in the season opener at home against the defending national champion Ohio State Buckeyes. I have not seen any confirmation the decals will remain for the rest of the season, but I have not seen anything suggesting this is a one-week memorial.

The memorial decal to be worn by Virginia Tech features the number seven, in recognition fo the local TV station. Ribbons will appear on each side of the No. 7, one in teal and the other in maroon. The initials of Parker and Ward will be found beneath each ribbon; Parker under the teal ribbon, teal being her favorite color, and Ward underneath the maroon ribbon to recognize the Virginia Tech graduate (Class of 2011). when it comes to memorial decals or patches, I will never find a negative thing to say about it and that remains true here. Virginia Tech has done a respectable job in honoring the shooting victims.

Note: I believe I saw somewhere Old Dominion will also have some sort of memorial decal or patch, but in a rush I did not track that down. Please feel free to confirm.

Now, as for the helmet, orange is back at Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech has broken out the orange helmet in the past, and they should be expected to do it again after the Labor Day weekend opener against the Buckeyes. It can sometimes look a little off, but it is far from the most offensive color choice for the Hokies and it is way ahead of anything with a turkey on the side. My only hope is Virginia Tech has enough sense not to pair this orange helmet with an orange jersey (and especially no orange pants). There are two teams that can get away with wearing so much orange in the ACC. They are Clemson and Syracuse. Virginia Tech needs to keep maroon in their look to go easy on the eyes.

But the helmet looks sharp. It does not look to be a chrome finish, which has become popular in recent years. Instead, it looks to be a regular old helmet in a good shade of orange. No complaints here, so long as the Hokies avoid the all-orange look. Here’s hoping I don’t have to repeat myself on this issue time and time again this season (but who am I kidding).

This season I will have a regularly featured uniform post every Friday on The Student Section. Each week we will take a look at one or some of the best uniforms to be worn that weekend. This week’s post will highlight a couple of the uniforms being worn this opening weekend, and there just might be a blurb about this particular Hokies helmet.

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