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Maryland goes back to basics with 1961 throwback uniform

Maryland's 1961 retro uniform to be worn vs. Penn State (2015).

1953 Maryland vs. Alabama

Maryland will begin a new era by turning back the clock and going back to basics. It is pure coincidence that Maryland will unveil a basic 1961-inspired throwback uniform this week in the first game since firing Randy Edsall as head coach. Edsall’s tenure at Maryland was tied hand-in-hand with Maryland’s unveiling of the state pride uniform, a look that continues to roll some eyes but is actually one that has grown and been molded to become one of the best individual looks for a program around the country. This Saturday Maryland will step away from their fancy Maryland-flag uniforms or monochromatic variations of it and simply suit up in a classic look designed by Under Armour.

The uniforms Maryland will wear this Saturday against Penn State are designed to replicate the 1961 uniforms. Why 1961? That was the year Maryland recorded its first win in program history over the Nittany Lions. The second came last year in Beaver Stadium. The uniform features a red jersey top with basic white numbering and name plate, complete with two white Maryland shoulder stripes. The front of the jersey is basic as well, with the removal of the “Maryland” from the front of the jerseys. The helmet is a plain white shell with a black-yellow-black stripe down the middle and a classic black uniform number on the side.

Maryland's 1961 retro uniform to be worn vs. Penn State (2015).

Maryland’s 1961 retro uniform to be worn vs. Penn State (2015).

As mentioned above, the idea of Maryland going back to basics right out of the gate after firing Edsall is purely a coincidence. These uniforms are designed well in advance and not a quick move to step as far away from the Edsall regime as possible. Maryland tends to carry a poor reputation when it comes to their college football uniforms, and I think that has become a bit outplayed. Maryland took a gamble creating a new identity for its football program when Edsall arrived with the state pride uniforms. They were horrible at first, but the look has grown over time. Honestly, it may now be one of the most underrated uniforms in the country. That said, seeing Maryland give this retro look a clean and simple look is refreshing. It is not often teams mess up a classic throwback uniform, and Under Armour and Maryland did a terrific job with this one. It should be a great sight to behold going up against Penn State’s classic look as well.

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