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Texas State shows off sizzling new helmet options for 2016

2016 Texas State football helmet options

It’s that time of the year when college football programs are coming down to the wire in the recruiting process, which is just as good a time as any to start generating some buzz about your football uniforms to be worn later in the year. Texas State is making a wise decision to spice up fan interaction through social media by showing off multiple helmet options to be considered for the 2016 season. Let’s have a quick look.

This first one is fairly simple and is similar to the white out helmet the Bobcats wore last fall. You will notice a plain white helmet with one marroon stripe down the middle. The facemask is also white to keep the white out motiff in play, and the Bobcat logo is plastered on the side. It’s simple. It’s clean. I do not have much of a problem with this one, but it might be a little too plain for my tastes when I think of Texas State.

Texas State’s equipment staff also showed off the premise for a helmet that replaces marroon for a black stripe down the middle of the helmet, and the face mask is now black. It does not have a logo sticker on it yet, so keep in mind that still has to be added. The decal will also be black. even as I try to imagien the black Bobcat on the side, I’m still a bit turned off by this helmet design. I fear this will fall under the “too chromatic” category of uniform designs in 2016, but I’ll reserve final judgement until presewnted wiht a full finished product for review.

Let’s move over to the darker helmet options next…

I like where we are heading here, although I believe this is a bit too dark. I would prefer to see some more contrast in the helmet. Having a dark logo sticker on a black helmet can be difficult to appreciate, especially when the logo is a dark color like marroon. I do like the marroon fasce mask though. If I could keep the black helmet and marron macecmask and add a gold logo on the side, we would certainly be in business.

Well, one step forward and one step back. This is the gold logo sticker I want to see on the black helmet with the marron facemask. Instead, Texas State swapped out the marroon for white. Once again, we are entering a chromatic trend I would prefer to steer around whenever possible. Adding the gold logo on the helmet helps, but it ultimately not enough to save it here. As you can see in the tweet here, it looks like they are hoping to have this helmet with a white logo instead. Again, too chromatic and boring. Black helmet, marron stripe and facemask and gold logo. That’s what should have been an option.

My Favorite

I tend to stick to simplicity and the basics at times. As you have probably figure dout by now, I like the idea of Texas State using a maroon facemask and stripe down the middle of the helmet. It is a school color, so embrace it and use it. I do not have too many issues with any of the previously referenced helmet options being used in a one-off situation (even though I detest those in most situations), but if we are looking for the helmet to be recognized as Texas State’s true look in 2016, I want it to be this one.

This one does it all well. The white helmet and marron stripe and facemask offer the perfect contrast given what Texas State has to work with, it embraces marroon as the signature color and the logo stands out well on the white field.

This is your helmet Texas State, especially if you are not going to offrer any marroon helmet options (marroon helmet, gold stripe and facemask and white logo perhaps?). End of discussion.

Now YOU Vote

Texas State is asking fans for their opinions on which helmet is their favorite, so go ahead and cast your vote in the poll embedded below. The feedback will be sent directly to Texas State’s equipment staff account. Make sure you cast a ballot for your favorite black and white helmets!

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