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No 2-Minute Warning on Instagram

It’s true, No 2-Minute Warning is now on Instagram. Since Instagram made it much easier to manage multiple accounts recently, and thanks to a webinar I recently checked out on Instagram, I was inspired to put together a brand new Instagram account to associate with the new look of the website. And hey, look at that. We’re already up to six whole followers! You guys are the best.

You can check out the Instagram account page here. You can also browse the Instagram feed here. It’s your call! And yes, there is also an Instagram widget located on the side of the page so you can see the latest Instagram posts from anywhere on the site as you browse and read what I have to offer.

Give it a follow! Like those photos! And of course, feel free to share this with your friends and family, especially if they are college football fans.

A couple of other things still on the To-Do list as No 2-Minute Warning undergoes some redesign work;

  • The YouTube account needs more regular content, which is coming starting next week. In the meantime, you can subscribe to the channel. I need to hit a certain subscriber count before I can go ahead and get a custom and easier to use URL for the channel, so your subscriptions now are appreciated.
  • The iTunes feed has been reset. If you are a previous subscriber, I think you should be fine, although older episodes may no longer be available. New podcasts will begin airing next week as well! Google Play users, the podcast will be available once Google begins adding podcasts to the directory. The podcast has already been granted approval from Google.
  • New Facebook banner is added, but the Facebook page itself needs some upgrades (and some more LIKES).
  • Still in planning stages: newsletter, Amazon store (affiliate links are already scattered on the site), improved reference content, and yes, more regularly scheduled blog posts. March should be a big month.

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