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Rutgers gets back to basics with updated football uniforms

Thanks to a block from tight end Clark Harris, Rutgers running back Ray RIce has a clear shot to the endzone in the first half. CHRIS FAYTOK/THE STAR-LEDGER

Rutgers is moving away from the splashy uniforms they have worn the last couple of years and going back to basics. It looks pretty solid.

I was apparently one of the few out there who liked what Rutgers did with their football uniforms a few years ago. Aside from the alternate black uniforms they would wear on occasion, I loved how Rutgers designed their uniforms off the influence from a knight in armor look. I really loved the silver Rutgers helmets with the block “R” and I was on board with the red home uniforms and road white uniforms. But this was not the Rutgers look Rutgers fans had been accustomed to seeing and a return to a more traditional look had been called for by many. Those calls have been heard and Rutgers will be getting back to basics starting this fall.

Rutgers unveiled their new branding effort on Tuesday, which included a new secondary logo to be used across the athletics department as well as an updated uniform look. The design removes the silver from the template and sticks to simple reds and whites. Rutgers showed off the new uniforms during an awards event last night, and shared this promo tease on Twitter with a first glance at the details…

Hopefully, we will have some official photos to get an even better look soon enough, but this will have to do for now…

2016 Rutgers Uniforms

Some quick observations

The home uniform is a red jersey with an easy-to-read white number outlined in black. The road jersey comes in white with a red number outlined in black. This is much easier to read than the previous Rutgers uniforms that used silver numbers. The “R” comes in at the bottom of the neckline in a contrasting color from the jersey itself, with a Big Ten logo flanking one side of the chest and the Nike swoosh on the other. Part of me sort of wishes Rutgers would go back to printing “Rutgers” across the front of the jersey, but I’ll take it. I do wish the numbers were a bit more rounded though.

Each jersey comes with a contrasting shoulder stripe. It is nothing too busy and is pretty simple in nature. Not bad. Overdoing it here can ruin a uniform.

The pants also look to be simple in design, with a three stripe pattern down the side of the legs that for some reason get cut off around the hip. Weird. Just go all the way to the top of pants, I say.

One feature I particularly like is the helmet decal that comes on the back of the helmet. Look closely and you can see the red circle with “Believe” printed inside it in black, but notice the letters “E” and “L” are in a different color. This is a nod to Eric LeGrand, who remains a big part of the Rutgers family. This is a great touch.

The helmet itself is perfect for Rutgers. Again, I liked the shiny metallic silver helmets worn before, but I feel Rutgers going with a simple red helmet with a white “R” is the best way to go for the main helmet. But we also see Rutgers adopting the white alternate helmet as well, continuing the helmet trend of looking like Storm Troopers. I hope it is used sparingly, although it does look pretty good with the road uniform. I wouldn’t expect them to wear the white helmet when playing Penn State though.

Well done, Rutgers

I look forward to seeing these new uniforms take the field in the fall. Considering Rutgers is the home of college football and given their place in a division with programs like Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State, I think it is fitting for Rutgers to go with a more traditional look with their uniforms.

What do you think of these new uniforms for Rutgers? Use the star ranking below to leave your star-rating for this uniform, and feel free to leave a comment with your uniform review.

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