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Miami Ohio has a new look and almost nailed it

Anyone who tends to follow my uniform analysis and commentary knows I have a problem with Adidas just about every time. However, there are times when Adidas does good work, and the new uniforms that will be worn this season by Miami University are proof Adidas can do something right. Well, for the most part.

Let’s review the new look quickly, shall we? Here is the new home uniform for the Miami RedHawks.

Miami Univ. Home Uniform (2016)

Nothing seemingly over the top here, which Miami has experimented with before. We have a pretty straightforward look with plain white pants and a red jersey on top. The jersey features a white number and easy-to-read font, with a white vertical shoulder stripe accented by the Miami logo on the sleeve. Across the front reads “Miami”. I will say the pattern used on the jersey itself, which is a signature of Adidas, is still a little strange to me, but at least it is better than the tire print previously used. The home jersey also features a white helmet. I’ll get to the helmets in a moment, but here is a look at the road uniform first.

Miami Univ. Road Uniform (2016)

The road uniform is essentially a complete color swap of the home uniform from head to toe. Overall, it’s not a bad idea and it actually looks pretty good to me. The one drawback to me, though, is the helmet. The flaws with the helmet stand out most on the road uniform, so let’s take a closer look at what we are talking about up top.

The helmet on the left will be the helmet used primarily on the road, but it will also be used as an alternate helmet for home games (which will also be worn with red pants for an all-red look). I absolutely love the idea of what Miami was looking to do here with a shiny look without going full chrome dome. The shade of red used on the helmet is great and the logo being outlined in a silver shade makes the logo stand out nicely. Unfortunately, Miami decided to go with a flat out awful color fade transition approach and ruined this helmet for me. Mind you, this red to white fade is not nearly as offensive as other color fades we have seen pop up on a football field recently. This may actually be the best of the bunch in this new helmet trend. Still, Miami had a great look going for them until they decided to do too much to their helmet.

The helmet on the right will be the standard home helmet, and thank goodness for that because it is pretty rock solid. Oh, but what is that I see? Do we have yet another fade going on in the back, going from white to red? Well, not quite. It’s actually more of a hard red stripe across the bottom of the back of the helmet.

Miami Univ. helmet (2016)

I admit to liking this blemish more than the faded transition approach, but I still question why it was decided to add a stripe to the back of the helmet in the first place. It certainly did not need it and it serves no purpose.

Miami, you still score a high approval rating from me with your look for the upcoming 2016 season, but I wish you would have had a little more self-control over the design of your helmets. It is the only thing holding me back, but I’m sure recruits will love it.

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