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Listening to Bump and Run just got easier

Not too long ago I got started up on Bumpers, an audio platform for quick and easy podcasts, typically in shorter form than your traditional podcasts. I quickly put together the Bump and Run bumpcast, my brief college football commentary in bite-size chunks, and have been enjoying putting them together and sharing them with you. Now, I am pleased to say there are more ways to access the Bump and Run bumpcast.

Starting today, the Bump and Run can be accessed through iTunes and Stitcher. I do encourage you to check out the Bumpers app so you can access more bumpcasts from content producers on Bumpers, but for those who want a quick and easy way to access my bumpcast in the same place you get your podcast subscriptions and download to your phone, then the iTunes and Stitcher options may be for you. If you prefer the Google Play Store, stay tuned. The bumpcast is currently awaiting approval from Google and will hopefully be available soon.

[UPDATE: Bump and Run is now on Google Play]

I hope you feel inclined to follow the bumpcast on whatever your preferred podcast client may be. And once you do subscribe, I hope you will choose to help me out by leaving a rating and review where available. Your feedback will help the bumpcast moving forward!

Bump and Run on Bumpers

Bump and Run on iTunes

Bump and Run on Google Play

Bump and Run on Stitcher 

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