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College football is more than a sport played on Saturday. It is a sport of unrivaled passion and devotion that lasts for years. It is a sport with unique traditions and stories from coast to coast. It is a sport that sees passion few sports can offer by athletes who, for the majority of the sport, do what they do for their simple love of the game. Those athletes do what they do for a variety of reasons, whether taking the field before 70, 80, 90 or over 100,000 fans or a sparse crowd of 4,000 local residents. No 2-Minute Warning is a place to discuss the positive aspects of the game, the people who coach it and those who play it with the people who enjoy covering and watching it.

Why No 2-Minute Warning?

Because there are no two-minute warnings in college football!

About Kevin McGuire

Kevin McGuire is a contributor to College Football Talk on McGuire is a member of the Football Writers Association and the National Football Foundation. College football is his favorite sport, which makes him a bit of an outcast in the Philadelphia sports culture. McGuire covered Penn State football for four seasons and has had work featured by NBC Sports, Athlon Sports, Yahoo Sports, FOX Sports, CBS Local and and more.

Athlon Sports named McGuire one of the Top 100 Twitter Accounts Every College Football Fan Should Follow. Follow Kevin McGuire’s college football commentary on Twitter @KevinOnCFB.