81. America’s Game, The Army Navy Game

The Army Navy Game is truly America's Game. Getty Images.
June 10, 2012

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82. Archie Griffin’s Heisman Trophy double dip

100 Reasons to love college football There is no award in sports that has not been won multiple times by a single player, but the Heisman Trophy may be the toughest. Ohio State’s legendary running back Archie Griffin is still the only player to win back-to-back (and to win multiple) Heisman Trophy awards. Even in recent seasons when sophomores won the trophy (Time Tebow, Look ! write go is more…

June 9, 2012

83. Enter Sandman

100 Reasons to love college football Metallica’s Enter Sandman has been around since 1991 but it has clearly stood the test of time. Perhaps most notable in sports for being the theme music for New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, the Virginia Tech Hokies have adopted the song as their own entrance music. Judging by the video above, it does the trick for those prime time games in Blacksburg. More…

June 8, 2012

84. The Human Jukebox

100 Reasons to love college football Look I was in marching band and I can appreciate the finer art of the roll step and the importance of checking down and peripheral vision. And that’s not to say the folks at Southern University don’t either, but who can help but be entertained when “The Human Jukebox” struts on to the field to jam? College football is a sport that spans a…

June 7, 2012

85. Tuesday night MACtion

100 Reasons to love college football I think we will all agree that Saturdays were meant for college football. But give credit for the MAC and other conferences for experimenting with the idea of playing in prime time on days of the week that do not normally see college gridiron football. Sure, Tuesdays may result in poor attendance but so what? You’re on national TV, and isn’t that what is…

June 6, 2012

86. Sparty

100 Reasons to love college football He has the muscles, the eyebrows, and the lack of smile that says I’m here to make sure my boys take care of business. Wanna go? But at the same time there is something charming about Sparty, the official mascot of the Michigan State Spartans. Everybody loves him if a previous cover of the NCAA Football video game is any indication, even if he…

June 5, 2012

87. The Golden Boot

100 Reasons to love college football The rivalry between LSU and Arkansas dates back to 1901 but the 175 pound Golden Boot trophy did not come around until 1996, four years after Arkansas joined the SEC from the old Southwest Conference. The post-Thanksgiving game has become one of the more entertaining games to watch every year and has seen its fair share of memorable moments. The first Golden Boot game…

June 4, 2012

88. The CBS College Football Theme

100 Reasons to love college football CBS has some good music for their sports programming, and is most noted for their One Shining Moment finale to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament ever March (April), but to me it is tough to beat their theme song used for college football. It may be the best of all of the networks out there. More reasons to love college football. Like this? Why…

June 3, 2012

89. The Washington State flag on ESPN GameDay

100 Reasons to love college football I used to think that there were Washington State alums around the country having some fun with ESPN GameDay. I know now that the operation is much more planned out and coordinated than that, as there is a manual for execution and instructions and all. Using the logic of “If they won’t come here, we’ll go there,” I admire the dedication to ensuring their…

June 2, 2012

90. Boise State’s blue turf

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June 1, 2012