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Former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III was on the receiving end of some ignorant remarks last week.

Opinion: North Alabama’s decision should raise awareness to increasing social (media) concerns

The issue of race is one I am largely uncomfortable discussing for the most part, but several recent incidents have undoubtedly raised awareness of just where our country stands when…

The BCS is done. Do you miss it yet? Will you miss it later? Photo: Getty Images

Are we ready to wish for the days of the BCS already?

College football postseason changes adopted, but is it best option? Have you ever wanted a toy so badly you would have done just about anything for it? You would wait…

Jerry Sandusky's punishment is just the beginning. Who else will pay for their involvement in the scandal will soon be seen.

Penn State will pay for Sandusky scandal, but not by NCAA

If you think the NCAA should punish Penn State, prepare to be disapointed Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 of 48 charges related to child molestation Friday night in Bellfonte, Pennsylvania….

The SEC and Big 12 Alliance

Big 12 & SEC alliance looks to take steel chair to competition

Big 12, SEC agree to new bowl match-up of champions On Friday the Big 12 and SEC joined forces, and in doing so made a statement that together they are capable of…

John L. Smith has potential to be a solid hire for one year at Arkansas. Image source: Weber State Athletics.

Why Arkansas hiring John L. Smith is a smart decision

Jeff Long makes a bold move with interim coaching decision Arkansas is taking a gamble by hiring John L. Smith as an interim head coach for the 2012 season, rather…

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Helmet rumors of the day: North Carolina (Win) & Florida (Fail)

North Carolina shows off white helmet It is that time of the year again in college football. Without games to look forward to all we have leading up to the…

New Year Resolution

College Football New Years Resolutions

Some simple advice for teams, coaches, fans and more As we are fresh in to the new year (Happy New Year everyone) you may have been thinking about some personal…

Kellen Moore was automatic once again. Getty Images.

Detmer Award Ballot: One last time to praise Kellen Moore

The final weekly ballot Kellen Moore was automatic once again. Getty Images. With the conclusion of the regular season in college football (Army-Navy Game not included), we have one last…

LSU is number one, but who should be (or will be) number two? Getty Images.

Five Sunday Thoughts: LSU vs. Oklahoma State or Alabama?

General thoughts and observations form Saturday It was a wild day in college football, starting with Houston blowing their shot at a BCS game appearance and culminating in a spectacular…

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