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No 2-Minute Warning (N2MW) is a website dedicated to the discussion and promotion of collegiate football.

Comments are moderated on a daily basis but rarely will be deleted. Comments may be deleted at the site administrator’s discretion and may be deleted for any of the following reasons;

  • Excessive profanity or vulgar language
  • Personal attacks on any individual, whether it be a commenter, fan, member of a team or school
  • Spamming, or advertising within a link – Feel free to share a link to a post on another fan site or news article, but the posting of links to commercial sites for the sake of “free advertising” will not be tolerated and will be deleted promptly.

N2MW is designed with college football fans in mind with the idea of fostering a respectable discussion across different fan bases. Therefor “flame wars” between opposing fans will not be tolerated. Please feel free to voice your opinion from another team’s perspective as long as it adds to the community in a healthy manner.

The student athletes in the NCAA will not be harmed in any way on this website. Participation of students from any schools is strictly voluntary and any comments deemed damaging to any particular athlete will be deleted. The site administrator will be the ultimate judge on what is good sportsmanship on this site and in the comments and will make final edits or deletions where necessary.

This comment policy was adopted on May 5, 2011 and revised August 1, 2015. It may be edited at any time without discretion by the site administrator.

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