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2016 College Football Preview: College Football Playoff Prediction

Three picks were pretty easy. The fourth, however, merits a discussion. This summer I went through every FBS team’s schedule and predicted winners and losers. This led to me being able to put together my official conference and division standings predictions without totally guessing on an order….

2016 College Football Preview: Picking the Big Ten

Michigan can’t live up to they hype, while Buckeyes continue to lead the Big Ten You have no doubt seen some high expectations for the Michigan Wolverines in Year Two under Jim Harbaugh. Well, put those high hopes on ice, because the Wolverines still have some work…

2016 College Football Preview: Picking the Big 12

Oklahoma looks to be set for repeat Big 12 title run, but don’t sleep on Baylor… and Texas? The Big 12 sent its champion to the College Football Playoff last season, a year after being locked out the previous season. In 2016 the Big 12 is once…