Prediction: ESPN College GameDay heading to Washington State

You know it is a big game when ESPN rolls their college football pregame in to town. ESPN’s signature show has set up shop in College Station, Texas for this…


When it comes to rampant NCAA scandals, are we all to blame in part?

This has been a crazy week as far as off-field scandals are concerned. Sports Illustrated has been releasing a five-part investigative look at Oklahoma State football, accusing the program of…

Army Navy Game 2013

Go Army! Go Navy! Go Air Force! And thanks for all you do

I am reminded every December of the young men and women who choose to serve our nation no matter the circumstances. Every year when Army and Navy get together for…

Ohio State Marching Band

The battle of the bands is in mid-season form in the Big Ten

One thing that makes college band special that the NFL lacks is marching bands. Sure, there are some marching bands on the Beltway, but the marching band is one thing…

Aaron Murray, Georgia

Golden Arm Award Top Performer, Week 2: Aaron Murray, Georgia

This season I am writing the weekend recap of the top quarterback performances among Golden Arm Award candidates. The award only keeps track of senior players, so you won’t see…

Miami Hurricanes beat Florida
Mailbag Wisconsin
Row The Boat

Western Michigan is redefining what “tradition” means

Tradition (noun):┬áthe transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way Western Michigan fans probably think I have some vendetta…

ECU Black helmet

East Carolina’s black uniform is the exception to the rule

I have often said that the alternate black uniform is a fad I wish would go away for schools that do not use black as an official team color. However,…


College Football Talk, Crystal Ball Run and what it all means

As many of you who already follow me are well aware, the start of the college football season has brought on some new responsibilities and titles for me. Two weeks…

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