• Top 10 Recruiting Classes since 2005, or Alabama and everyone else
  • National Signing Day: Let them eat cake!
  • USF jumps out to early lead on National Signing Day
  • Power-ranking the QB recruiting classes since 2002
  • Texas State shows off sizzling new helmet options for 2016
Alabama vs Tennessee

2015 Preview: Picking the SEC

Oh, you thought I forgot about the SEC? think again. I was merely saving the best for last. The SEC did not have a postseason to remember last season, leaving the door open for SEC haters and critics to blast the conference. The truth is the SEC remains the strongest conference from top to bottom with the talent coming in (and leaving for the NFL) and the coaching is improving…


Podcast: Going on record with CFB Playoff picks and Week 1

Bill Bender of The Sporting News makes his first appearance It’s here. Can you feel it? Week 1 of the 2015 college football season is here (well, Montana-North Dakota State aside). We have finally arrived to a brand new season of college football, and it could not start soon enough. We will also be handsomely rewarded for our patience with quite a line-up of games to look forward to. On Thursday…


OK, let’s talk about that Virginia Tech helmet

Virginia Tech will wear a memorial decal on helmets this week Last week the nation was shocked with the latest in an ongoing series of deadly shootings across the country, this one taking place in Roanoke, Virginia and being captured on live television. Journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward of WDBJ-7 were gunned down during a live morning news spot, and their killer was tracked down only to take the extreme…

Tim Beckman

Tim Beckman gets a fast pass to the 2015 Coaching Carousel

The 2015 college football season has not yet started, but Illinois got a jump start on the coaching carousel anyway. Illinois announced the firing of head coach Tim Beckman on Friday, with an external investigation into the football program apparently serving as grounds for termination based on initial results. “The preliminary information external reviewers shared with me does not reflect our values or our commitment to the welfare of our…


2015 Preview: Picking the Pac-12

The Pac-12 has come on strong in recent years and has climbed the conference totem poll as a result. Not only has Oregon become a national force, but Stanford has developed quite the reputation and the Pac-12 South is emerging as one of the top divisions in the sport of college football. With USC on the rise, UCLA, Arizona and Arizona State all legitimate Pac-12 contenders in their own right…

Maurice Clarett

Podcast: Discussing Maurice Clarett’s latest impact on college football with Aaron Torres

A little more than a decade ago, Maurice Clarett was Johnny Manziel. Like Manziel, Clarett was a young college football sensation that captured the nation in a way so few players could. Had he stayed around Ohio State another year or two he likely would have left the Buckeyes with a legacy few could rival. Instead, Clarett’s head got a hold of him and sent him down a challenging path…


2015 college football new season resolutions

Toward the end of the calendar year many of us attempt to come up with goals and resolutions to focus on once we begin a new year, only to get off track with those good intentions before Valentine’s Day. We’ve all been there, right? While the calendar may not need to be taken off the wall and replaced by a new one for another few months, the start of a…

Ezekiel Elliott

2015 Preview: Picking the Big Ten

Is the Big Ten on the upswing? It would be hard to say otherwise given how last season ended for the conference and what has transpired since. Ohio State won the national championship after sneaking in to the College Football Playoff as the No. 4 seed, knocking off top seed and SEC champion Alabama and No. 2 seed and Pac-12 champion Oregon (who in the process took out the ACC…

CFB Playoff

Podcast: The Thinking Fan’s Guide to Year 2 of the College Football Playoff with Stewart Mandel

Before we get ready to plunge into the 2015 season, it may be important to keep in mind the lessons learned from 2014. First, do not write off a conference or team after losing a game in the first three weeks of the season. You risk looking silly in the end. Second, conference championships matter. What else did we learn from the first season under the new College Football Playoff…

CFB Fantastic Four

Re-casting Fantastic Four with college football’s mightiest

The latest attempt to reboot the Fantastic Four franchise is a bomb. So let’s fix it using new cast members from the world of college football. I have been on a bit of a superhero kick this summer at the movies. The second installment in The Avengers franchise finished on a high note and set the scene for what’s coming up in Marvel’s plans, and Ant-Man was a nice surprise….