Tulane Black uniform

Tulane adds a matte black helmet to its (hopefully) alternate uniform in 2015

No matter how many times I urge college football teams to take a pass on the growing trend of alternate black uniforms when black is not a school color, they continue to violate the uniform code. Tulane appears to be the latest culprit judging by this photo that was shared on Twitter last night. Working today..always enjoy my work with #Tulane #football #RollWave @GreenWaveFB #NewOrleans pic.twitter.com/INJe8Dz7uK — Parker Waters (@ParkerWaters)…


SEC names Greg Sankey new commissioner, and he’s already one of the most powerful men in college football

Maybe he knows it already. Perhaps the idea has not yet settled in, which would make sense considering the announcement is not even a day old. New SEC commissioner Greg Sankey will take over the role once Mike Slive officially steps down from his post in Birmingham in August. The second Sankey takes over the job, he will instantly become one fo the most powerful people in college sports. You can…

Chip Kelly, Oregon

If Chip Kelly gets run out of NFL, he can always come home

On Tuesday there was plenty of buzz involving the Philadelphia Eagles and the decisions made by head coach and general manager Chip Kelly, former head coach of the Oregon Ducks. As someone who lives in the Philadelphia region, I can tell you the sports radio phone lines are melting as we speak after Kelly has successfully moved the franchise’s record-setting rusher (LeSean McCoy traded to Buffalo), allowed his top receiver…

Arizona State QB Mike Bercovici

Episode 161 – Skipping around spring football stories with Braden Gall

The No 2-Minute Warning Podcast is back! When last we spoke we were getting ready for National Signing Day. After a month off to focus on some other assignments, projects and some more planning, the time to get back to podcasting is now. As I undergo some plans to help promote and build the podcast, let’s try to get back on a regular schedule starting today. Snow may be rocking parts…

Oregon State football helmet for spring 2015. Photo courtesy: Oregon State Athletics

Oregon State goes back to basics with new helmet

The Oregon State Beavers have a somewhat difficult time standing out when it comes to football uniforms. Playing major college football in the same state as Oregon can have that effect. But Oregon State is given a certain degree of the Nike treatment as well and the Beavers have worn a number of different looks over the years, the previous few seasons in particular once Nike got even more involved….

NCAA Football: Miami at North Carolina

What color is this college football uniform?

You would think, unless you happen to be color blind, determining the color combination of a dress would be pretty simple when the only options are blue and black or white and gold. Let’s be honest, these color combos are contrasting enough with each other to make the call rather easy, but Thursday night sparked the latest Internet debate between the masses. This dress, initially seen and discovered on Tumblr,…


Place your bets! Early betting odds for power conference championships released

This may come as a slight shock to some of you, but one online sports book is giving Ohio State, Alabama, Oregon and TCU the best odds to win their respective conference championships in 2015. Hard to believe, right? This year’s first batch of conference championship odds were recently released by for each of the power conferences. Ohio State, Alabama, Oregon, TCU and Clemson were all the favorites in their…