• Western Michigan knocking off Toledo seals New Years Six for AAC
  • Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly having best season as head coach
  • Which one-loss team has the best overall body of work? It’s now Michigan State
  • Who should be GameDay’s guest picker in Philly?
  • Block Six: Georgia Tech offers a weekly reminder how awesome college football is
TCU's 2015 football uniforms feature a frog skin pattern. Photo: Nike.

TCU’s new uniforms for 2015 unveiled

If there is one thing you can say about the uniforms TCU will wear in 2015, they are all in on the frog skin design. The new uniforms unveiled by the team Friday night at the spring game showed three different main designs by TCU uniform partner Nike. The home uniforms —  a purple uniform and an alternate gray look — go head to toe in a frog skin pattern….


Who wins a football title first, Wisconsin or Duke? Neither?

The Duke Blue Devils came from behind to defeat Wisconsin for the NCAA men’s basketball national championship Monday night in Indianapolis. It is the fifth time Duke has celebrated the national championship on the hard court, while Wisconsin continues to search for its first national title in the sport since 1941. The Badgers look to be getting closer after a second straight season ending in the Final Four, this time…


Top Five NFL Draft Prospects

With weeks to go before the 2015 NFL draft, they are going to be a lot of discussions surrounding the very 1st few picks. No one really knows for sure what those 5 teams are thinking, and there is always a chance that they could decide to make a trade as well. With that being said, as we sit here at the start of April, here is a look at…

Big Ten logo

Big Ten looks for first championship double dip in 62 years

Wisconsin’s national semifinal victory over previously unbeaten Kentucky sent the Badgers to Monday night’s NCAA men’s basketball championship game. The Big Ten champions will take on Duke, who earlier this season defeated the Badgers in Madison during the ACC-Big Ten Challenge. If Wisconsin can knock off the Blue Devils, it will be one more crowning achievement for the Big Ten in a year that has been very kind to the…

Lucas Oil Stadium

The Big Ten and what to do with the state of Indiana

With the state of Indiana taking questionable steps toward discrimination, the Big Ten should think long and hard about the realistic possibility of leaving the state. The state of Indiana recently passed Indiana Senate Bill 101, otherwise known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The act is designed to mandate that religious liberty of individuals and corporations can only be limited by the “least restrictive means of furthering a compelling…


Picking the NIT using football logic

Earlier I went through the entire NCAA men’s basketball tournament and picked each game based off which school I felt would win in football. People seemed to like it, and I even had one suggestion to do the same for the NIT. So I did the same with the NIT. The NIT is set up differently than the NCAA Tournament with no geographically designated regions. Instead, we have a 32-team…

Ohio State vs. Notre Dame

Picking the NCAA Basketball Tournament by who would win in football

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has been set. For college football fans, this may be the only time some watch college basketball. That is largely the case for me, honestly. Sure, I’ll watch a few minutes here and there during the basketball season, but that mostly comes when I am working for College Football Talk and I am looking for some background noise. I have nothing against college basketball, I…

Tulane Black uniform

Tulane adds a matte black helmet to its (hopefully) alternate uniform in 2015

No matter how many times I urge college football teams to take a pass on the growing trend of alternate black uniforms when black is not a school color, they continue to violate the uniform code. Tulane appears to be the latest culprit judging by this photo that was shared on Twitter last night. Working today..always enjoy my work with #Tulane #football #RollWave @GreenWaveFB #NewOrleans pic.twitter.com/INJe8Dz7uK — Parker Waters (@ParkerWaters)…


SEC names Greg Sankey new commissioner, and he’s already one of the most powerful men in college football

Maybe he knows it already. Perhaps the idea has not yet settled in, which would make sense considering the announcement is not even a day old. New SEC commissioner Greg Sankey will take over the role once Mike Slive officially steps down from his post in Birmingham in August. The second Sankey takes over the job, he will instantly become one fo the most powerful people in college sports. You can…

Chip Kelly, Oregon

If Chip Kelly gets run out of NFL, he can always come home

On Tuesday there was plenty of buzz involving the Philadelphia Eagles and the decisions made by head coach and general manager Chip Kelly, former head coach of the Oregon Ducks. As someone who lives in the Philadelphia region, I can tell you the sports radio phone lines are melting as we speak after Kelly has successfully moved the franchise’s record-setting rusher (LeSean McCoy traded to Buffalo), allowed his top receiver…