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If you are looking for information that has been featured on No 2-Minute Warning at one point or another, hopefully you will find it here. Below are some quick links conference bowl records and coaching carousels archived since the launch of the site.

Conference Bowl Records (2011 through 2014)

Coaching Carousel (2011 through 2014)


McGuire Metric

In 2014 I introduced the McGuire Metric, a cumulative statistical method to measure results based on strength of schedule by conference or team. For more information on the McGuire Metric, you can read here.

Top Performers in 2014

Most Valuable Wins of 2014


Recommended Reference Links

Below is a sampling of links I often refer to when in need of some college football information.

College Football Reference

College Football Belt

College Football Data Warehouse

Division I-A Historical Scores

Football Outsiders

Vegas Insiders