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Are we ready to wish for the days of the BCS already?

College football postseason changes adopted, but is it best option? Have you ever wanted a toy so badly you would have done just about anything for it? You would wait in line at the mall to let Santa Claus know what you wanted every weekend between Thanksgiving…

This is why Alabama can’t have nice things

$30,000 BCS Championship trophy shattered by player’s father Have you ever broken a glass, a plate or perhaps a lamp? Odds are you feel pretty bad about it when it happens. But what if you happened to break a $30,000 piece of glass and crystal? That’s what…

Info-graphic: The BCS Scam

Because everyone loves a good graphic Via: Online Colleges Blog Hype this up on BallHyped Follow me on Twitter @KevinOnCFB and Like No 2-Minute Warning on Facebook. Like this? Why not share it?ShareRedditFancredStumbleUponFacebook

Five Sunday Thoughts: LSU vs. Oklahoma State or Alabama?

General thoughts and observations form Saturday It was a wild day in college football, starting with Houston blowing their shot at a BCS game appearance and culminating in a spectacular Big Ten championship game in Indianapolis. Now that the conference champions are crowned, here are five questions…