FanCred College Football Mailbag: Alabama over Georgia? Indiana have a chance vs. Buckeyes? Winning record for Illini?

Mailbag Wisconsin
October 2, 2015

It’s time once again for the No 2-Minute Warning Mailbag! On the first Friday of each month during college football season I accept questions exclusively from FanCred, so make sure you are registered with the social network and fire away your questions after you connect with me. First up is a question from Landon Howell, FanCred’s Head of Strategy and Content, who asks… I think Alabama beats Georgia by 14…


FanCred College Football Mailbag: Nick Chubb a Heisman contender or sophomore slump?

Nick Chubb
September 8, 2015

Each and every Friday I will answer questions you may have about college football or anything else you happen to throw my way. On the first Friday of every month during college football season I will take questions exclusively from FanCred, so make sure you are signed up for an account and following me so I can get your questions. Because I am terrible with keeping to my own outlined…


2015 Preview: Picking the Big Ten

Ezekiel Elliott
August 23, 2015

Is the Big Ten on the upswing? It would be hard to say otherwise given how last season ended for the conference and what has transpired since. Ohio State won the national championship after sneaking in to the College Football Playoff as the No. 4 seed, knocking off top seed and SEC champion Alabama and No. 2 seed and Pac-12 champion Oregon (who in the process took out the ACC…


Picking the NCAA Basketball Tournament by who would win in football

Ohio State vs. Notre Dame
March 16, 2015

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has been set. For college football fans, this may be the only time some watch college basketball. That is largely the case for me, honestly. Sure, I’ll watch a few minutes here and there during the basketball season, but that mostly comes when I am working for College Football Talk and I am looking for some background noise. I have nothing against college basketball, I…


Wife knows best: Week 4 college football picks

September 18, 2014

Ultimate bragging rights remain on the line between my wife, Stefanie, and I. Entering the fourth week of the college football season I am hoping to find a way to pad my head-to-head prediction record, but this looks like another tight week on the prediction front. My knack for rooting for an upset may cost me, but this week’s picks are in and final. Before we move on to this…


Early look at 2014 Indiana football helmets?

Indiana helmets (2014)
February 3, 2014

Indiana introduced a handful of new football helmets last season. Some were pretty sweet, while others were not quite so impressive. Regardless of what you thought about Indiana’s helmets last year, you might be wondering just what they have in the works for 2014, right? Your question may have been answered with a potentially early look courtesy of Indiana’s Cody Lattimer. The now former Hoosier wide receiver shared a couple…


Episode 141 – Big Ten media day questions with Andy Coppens

Jim Delany
July 23, 2013

The SEC got things started last week and the ACC and Big 12 kept us from starving for college football news. On Wednesday the Big Ten takes the stage with their annual football media day event in Chicago. Commissioner Jim Delany will be sure to provide some quotes worth nitpicking for many and coaches from each of the 12 current members will field questions about their teams as well as…


Racer Kraig Kinsler has an Indiana Hoosiers helmet

They’re back! College-themed race helmets! Previously on the site we have shared a look at auto racing helmets honoring the Oregon Ducks and Alabama Crimson Tide.┬áToday we were made aware of an Indiana Hoosiers inspired helmet being worn by driver Kraig Kinser. Indiana may be a basketball school but we will give Kinser a thumbs up here for emulating the look of Indiana’s football helmet, straight down to the face…

February 8, 2013

Indiana Hoosiers on a mission in 2012

Video compilation of Hoosiers in winter conditioning Yesterday we took a look in to defending Big 12 and Fiesta Bowl champion Oklahoma State practices and witnessed team tug of war and flipping tires and more. Today we look at a team on the opposite end of the┬áspectrum, as the Indiana Hoosiers are hoping to start building some sort of winning tradition. Not really much to it, but it’s football and…

February 26, 2012

No 2-Minute Warning Powerless Rankings – Week 2

Maryland's Pride Uniforms. HT: Lost Lettermen
September 6, 2011

Maryland’s runway disaster results in win Umm, where is the Kent State defense? Getty Images I don’t want to kick some programs when they’re down, so the Miami Hurricanes will be excused from this ranking for the time being. Although I will say they were considered for allowing those crash-test dummy Maryland state flag uniforms to mess with them in the rain Monday night. Anyway, on with this week’s powerless…