Podcast: College football analytics with Dave Bartoo

October 28, 2015

The world of analytics in sports has continued to evolve, and Dave Bartoo from CFB Matrix is one of the leaders in the game when it comes to college football. I always enjoy getting a chance to talk to Dave about the numbers he is following in college football to gain some insight into the analytical meaning behind certain trends and teams. He just so happens to be busy cooking…


2015 Preview: Picking the ACC

Deshaun Watson
August 3, 2015

The ACC is starting to gain some confidence as a conference based on success in recent seasons. Florida State won a BCS title and Clemson defeated Ohio State in the Orange Bowl two postseasons ago. Last year the Seminoles were invited to the College Football Playoff and Georgia Tech topped the SEC’s Cinderella team from Mississippi State in the Orange Bowl, and Clemson smacked Oklahoma up and down the field in…


Picking the NIT using football logic

March 16, 2015

Earlier I went through the entire NCAA men’s basketball tournament and picked each game based off which school I felt would win in football. People seemed to like it, and I even had one suggestion to do the same for the NIT. So I did the same with the NIT. The NIT is set up differently than the NCAA Tournament with no geographically designated regions. Instead, we have a 32-team…


Wife Knows Best: Week 12 College Football Picks

November 13, 2014

I did not have a great week picking games in Week 11. I underestimated Baylor on the road at Oklahoma, put too much faith in Notre Dame on the road, and thought Kansas State would solve TCU. I got burned pretty badly in each of those games, and I am ashamed of going 2-4 last week. The only teams I correctly picked to win were Oregon and Ohio State. My…


Wife Knows Best: Week 9 college football picks

October 23, 2014

October is winding down, which means I am starting to run out of time to catch up to my wife in the college football picking game this season. I did have a better week last weekend, so I hope to carry that momentum over to Week 9. Finally, I had a much sharper week with my picks. The only game I missed on last weekend was the Oklahoma vs. Kansas…


Episode 147 – Jameis Winston suspended and a Week 4 Preview

Jameis Winston
September 18, 2014

Is Florida State really sending Heisman Trophy winning, national champion quarterback Jameis Winston a message by suspending him for the first half of this weekend’s home game against Clemson? Is there a chance Winston’s absence from the first half against the Tigers will ultimately have an impact? I have gone on record suggesting Florida State should be able to manage to get by with Sean Maguire under center, because I…


Wife knows best: Week 4 college football picks

September 18, 2014

Ultimate bragging rights remain on the line between my wife, Stefanie, and I. Entering the fourth week of the college football season I am hoping to find a way to pad my head-to-head prediction record, but this looks like another tight week on the prediction front. My knack for rooting for an upset may cost me, but this week’s picks are in and final. Before we move on to this…


Wife knows best: Week one college football picks

Keenan Reynolds
August 27, 2014

My wife loves college football. Well, maybe she doesn’t love it, but she does get excited for the season when she hears the ESPN college football theme and she will get excited to watch some of the best games of the season. How did I get so lucky? She also has a pretty good track record with her sports predictions. She successfully predicted a Super Bowl match-up between the New…


There will be college football played this month

Tennessee Vols
August 1, 2014

Welcome to the month of August. For the first time since January, we can say there will be college football played this month. This is a glorious thought. The first games of the season are still weeks away but now the media day circuit has come to a close, camps are opening up around the country and the momentum is carrying us toward the first kickoff of the season. We…


No2MinuteWarning.com Top 25, Week 11

Florida State, the team to beat in 2014? Photo: Getty Images
November 5, 2013

So it has been a while since I did much on this website. For that, I apologize. As you hopefully know by now I have been pretty busy managing Crystal Ball Run and contributing to College Football Talk this football season, which has left this site a little bit on the back-burner. Let’s fix that today, shall we? And what better way to do it than by returning to posting…