Wife Knows Best: Week 1 College football picks

September 4, 2015

The ultimate domestic dispute resumes for Year 2 Last year I asked my wife to make picks for a handful of college football games each week. She obliged, and kicked my butt some weeks. Now she’s back and ready to get off on the right foot as we once again go head-to-head! Loser has to do the dishes (well, actually, I generally do those the most anyway). Here we go with…


Sports Illustrated college football preseason preview issues feature Ohio State, TCU, Dak Prescott and Notre Dame

August 5, 2015

Coming off a national championship and starting the season as the No. 1 team in the coaches (and likely the AP) poll makes Ohio State appearing on one of four regional covers for Sports Illustrated’s college football preview issue standard operating procedure. As such, the Buckeyes are represented by Joey Bosa (suspended for the season opener) and Joshua Perry along with Brutus and the College Football Playoff national championship trophy…


Picking the NCAA Basketball Tournament by who would win in football

Ohio State vs. Notre Dame
March 16, 2015

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has been set. For college football fans, this may be the only time some watch college basketball. That is largely the case for me, honestly. Sure, I’ll watch a few minutes here and there during the basketball season, but that mostly comes when I am working for College Football Talk and I am looking for some background noise. I have nothing against college basketball, I…


5 college football stadiums ready to drop the puck for the NHL

Michigan Stadium and the 2014 NHL Winter Classic
March 10, 2015

Football in baseball stadiums, baseball in football stadiums and hockey in baseball and football stadiums. We seem to be in an age where one sport transplanting its game into an unnatural surrounding seems to be pretty trendy. Gimmicky, sure, but why can’t we have a little fun and take an opportunity to show off one sport in a setting that may not be all too familiar to fans of that…


Wife Knows Best: Week 11 College Football Picks

November 6, 2014

Sometimes a husband and wife do not see eye to eye, and this can lead to trouble. When it comes to picking college football games, my wife and I clearly are not seeing eye-to-eye with the slate of games I have cooked up for us to pick this weekend. First, a quick update on what unfolded last weekend. Pittsburgh did me no favors in getting off to a good start…


Episode 151 – Big games in the Big Ten and Big 12

Check out this week's podcast for a preview of some of these games and more!
November 6, 2014

The second weekend of November figures to have plenty on the line for teams in the Big Ten and the Big 12. First place is on the line in the Big 12 with TCU hosting Kansas State. The winner will be sitting in a good position to wrap up the Big 12 championship in the coming weeks, but whichever team wins also gets to stay in the conversation for the College…


College Football Playoff Projection: Version 1.2

Nick Saban
October 28, 2014

Today the College Football Playoff selection committee will release its first batch of rankings for the 2014 season. For the first time this season, the college football world will get a glimpse behind the closed doors to see just how this particular selection committee will weigh the results of the season to offer us all an idea of how the committee will work. Tasked with the duty of picking the…


Heisman Watch: Golson needs some Luck of the Irish vs. Florida State

Everett Golson
October 16, 2014

No school has had more Heisman Trophy winners than Notre Dame. The Irish, tied with Ohio State for the most Heisman winners in school history, have had seven players win college football’s highest individual honor. As storied a history as the Heisman Trophy and Notre Dame football have, the Irish have had just one player win the award since before man first walked on the moon. This season’s quarterback, Everett…


Episode 149 – Autograph Signings and Week 8 Preview

Jameis Winston
October 16, 2014

If you thought once we got to the college football season that off-field drama would disappear, think again. Here we are, midway through the regular season for most schools and we are talking about Jameis Winston and Todd Gurley for non-football reasons. Winston continues to have the alleged sexual assault looming over him in some capacity and now his eligibility as a student at Florida State is at risk, and…


Fighting Irish fighting for national respect vs. Florida State

NCAA Football: Champs Sports Bowl-Notre Dame vs Florida State
October 15, 2014

The college football season is essentially in the midway point of the season, and there is still no real certainty over where we are heading. The college football season has been unpredictable in a number of ways so far with Mississippi State elevated from the pool of unranked teams to the top of the polls in a span of five weeks, and Ole Miss not far behind. There is no…