Video: Florida State ACC Championship, Orange Bowl ring models revealed

Florida State 2012-13 Rings
May 20, 2013

It was  good year for Florida State football. The Seminoles got a taste of the glory days for the program by winning an ACC title and a victory in a BCS bowl game, even if it was against BCS buster Northern Illinois in the Orange Bowl. The Seminoles fell a little short of my preseason expectations in 2012 but I feel they might be capable of another run through the…


Northern Illinois fans to ESPN: Suck our oranges!

It is safe to say ESPN did not handle the fact Northern Illinois clinched an automatic spot in the BCS with what you and I would call class. I would highly advise you to check out Matt Yoder’s rant and reaction on Awful Announcing, because quite honestly that sums up my reaction as well as anybody’s to the initial response form some of ESPN’s college football analysts. Is Oklahoma or…

December 4, 2012

Morning Bump and Run [5.14.2012] – Boom goes the ACC

Florida State ready to leave the ACC? Just when you though the weekend was going slowly, this article from gets everyone hopping with the possibility that Florida State will leave the ACC for the Big 12, quite possibly one of the most successful pieces ever written on the network. In short, Florida State Board of Trustees Chair Andy Haggard ripped the ACC for not exploring more lucrative options…

May 14, 2012

Bowl Predictions – Discover Orange Bowl

Overall: 8-4 I blame myself for missing out on posting my official predictions for the New Year’s eve and New Year’s Day bowl games, but things happen and I was unable to get to do much posting after Christmas. Anyway, going back to my previous picks I am now 8-4 in official bowl game predictions. I went 2-1 with my picks for the Military Bowl, Alamo Bowl and Texas Bowl….

January 3, 2011