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Super 16

Super 16: How I voted in Week 2

I had some changes to make this week Two weeks into the season, my Super 16 has seen a few more changes from the preseason poll. Ohio State losing at home to Oklahoma was one reason I mixed things up a bit on my ballot this week….

Super 16: How I voted in Week 1

After an extended first weekend of college football, I did not hesitate to make some drastic changes from my preseason Super 16 poll. Shortly after Tennessee stuffed Georgia Tech’s two-point conversion attempt in overtime in Atlanta Monday night, I checked my inbox to look for my link to…

Super 16: How I voted in the preseason poll

For the second year in a row, I will be casting a weekly ballot in the Super 16 Poll, a joint effort between the FWAA and the National Football Foundation. Yes, the man who rips polls as often as I do is giving into the system. The…