Texas A&M In Holding Pattern With SEC

Texas A&M In Holding Pattern With SEC

Are they in or not? That is the question Texas A&M fans are wondering today, a week after it was all but assured that the Aggies would be joining the SEC.

Texas A&M initiated the contact with the SEC as they look for a way to separate themselves from the University of Texas in the Big 12. On Sunday the SEC released a statement suggesting they are happy with the current conference membership, although there was plenty of room for changes left in the generic statement.

Once a few hurdles are passed, Texas A&M appears to be heading to the SEC in due time.

We talked a little bit about this on Blog Talk Radio with Adam Tolliver, of Plant The Spear, with a look at how Florida State fits into the whole picture, but we continued the discussion with Stephen Francis, of Examiner.com, to get more of a perspective on what is going on in the state of Texas. Francis is the Dallas Sports Examiner for the site so I know he is in tune with what is going on in the great state of Texas.

What kind of role does Governor Rick Perry play in all of this? The A&M alum may be campaigning for the Republican party nomination, but he is also said to be stumping to the SEC for his alma mater to be added to the conference.

Francis also has a good understanding of TCU, after having covered the Horned Frogs exclusively for Examiner.com before jumping up to the more general Dallas sports title.

So if the Big 12 comes calling TCU I was curious how Stephen thinks the conversation would go. Would TCU consider leaving the Big East one year after joining the Big East? Funny how TCU may look to be in a better situation than Texas in terms of conference alignment. Why would TCU consider accepting an invitation to the Big 12 now?

The big question to me though remains what will happen with Oklahoma.

If you are Oklahoma, and you see Nebraska, Colorado, and Texas A&M all leave the Big 12 and believe they made the right decision, what is stopping the Sooners from coming to the same realization?

Few would argue that of the four, Oklahoma is the better all-around program. Imagine what is going through their heads right now. How long until they decide to break away from Texas as well?

To me, the big free agent in all of the expected conference realignment will be the Sooners. I imagine the Pac 12 and Big Ten will make a considerable pitch to Oklahoma once the word is confirmed that Texas A&M is leaving the conference.

While Kansas State, Iowa State, and Texas all released statements over the weekend that they were committed to the future of the Big 12 with or without Texas A&M, Oklahoma curiously was quiet.

I would love to see Oklahoma join the Big Ten to reignite the old, traditional Big 8 rivalry between Oklahoma and Nebraska (back in the same division, as they should have always been), but the Pac 12′s Larry Scott seems to be a mastermind right now, so who knows how everything will end up.

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