Episode 082: Hurricane Hysteria

Episode 082: Hurricane Hysteria

A day after the report was published by Yahoo! Sports (read it now), the world of college football is reacting.

Former Hurricanes tight end Jeremy Shockey, as you might expect, shared his opinion on Twitter by saying “Wow what a shame another loser (Nevin Shapiro) trying to make money after a $930 million Ponzi scheme,” and “I just don’t get it.”

Former head coach at Miami and current FOX NFL analyst Jimmy Johnson said “Miami haters will come out of the woodwork with OLD NEWS and NCAA.” Well, he’s right. The haters have come out in full force, and some have declared that if any program deserves the NCAA death penalty, it is Miami.

We can debate whether or not that should be the case (vote in the poll here and share your thoughts there), but let’s just remember that the NCAA is still conducting an investigation into the program. Before rushing to judgment, let’s see if they can confirm some of these accusations and what else they may or may not find.

Last week I spoke with Michael Bradley, Senior Writer for Cane Insider, on Blog Talk Radio and we discussed the optimism surrounding the program as Al Golden is taking over the program from Randy Shannon.

In it, we learned that Golden is focusing on changing the work ethic in practice and setting the tone so his players start to work harder than they may have in the past.

It was a very optimistic conversation regarding Miami. Naturally, when this news broke last night I reached out to Bradley to see if he could join me to share his initial thoughts and reactions to everything that has been unearthed.

Despite saying that he has had better days, Bradley was kind enough to share some insight from Coral Gables and let us know what Miami fans are saying Wednesday morning.

I also brought in Aaron Torres, one of my co-writers over at Crystal Ball Run. Torres posted some great thoughts on the Miami news on the site and followed them up today on his own website.

I wanted to talk to Torres to get another outsider’s reaction and to talk about some of the questions we are all paying attention to.

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