Episode 083: Bleacher Report’s Huge Upside

Episode 083: Bleacher Report’s Huge Upside

Yes, the popular sports media outlet that has often been criticized for letting any regular Joe post rants and sports opinions are shedding that image and if Monday was not an indication that change is underway, I don’t know what is.

College football fans will be pleased to hear that The Solid Verbal‘s Dan Rubenstein will be the lead college football writer on Bleacher Report. Dan Levy is back in the sports media world as the National Lead Writer. Josh Zerkle is the new Lead NFL Writer and Bethlehem Shoals is the new NBA Lead Writer.

All of these writers have established themselves within the blogosphere and beyond and their additions to Bleacher Report should signal a new beginning for the site (and for the sake of full disclosure, I am also a paid writer for Bleacher Report, covering mostly Penn State football).

Rounding out the new Fab Five is Matt Miller, founder of New Era Scouting and someone who has been contributing to Bleacher Report since February.

Miller’s story is a bit different than the other new lead writers, but he is proof of how Bleacher Report’s new initiative can pay off. While talking about the new direction Bleacher Report is heading in is our main focus, I could not bring on an NFL Draft guru without throwing some questions his way.

Naturally, the first question that needed to be addressed was whether Terrelle Pryor will pan out as a quarterback after being selected by the Oakland Raiders in the NFL Supplemental Draft. Miller’s take may surprise you a bit.

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