Episode 089: Dissecting College Football Media

Episode 089: Dissecting College Football Media

It almost seems that we have been focusing on the coverage of college football and analyzing the coverage more than we have on the actual sport over the past year or so.

Perhaps that is because there have been some bizarre sequences that have forced us to talk about it, or is it just the evolution of the social media environment?

When television networks are shelling out big bucks to broadcast football, basketball, and other collegiate sports it is easy to see why the coverage of our sports has become such a focal point for us but sometimes it just goes beyond crazy that the media personalities become a story rather than the big play on third and four that the local team just made.

Take Bruce Feldman for instance, who through no fault of his own became the subject of a social media campaign against his employer, ESPN, who suspended him after writing a book that they previously approved.

Why? Because the subject of the book touched on another ESPN employee, Craig James, and his involvement in a coaching situation at Texas Tech with Mike Leach. To further complicate things ESPN released a couple of stories on their decision, which conflicted of course.

All of this eventually resulted in Feldman joining the staff at CBS Sports and ESPN being left with James and Skip Bayless to be their top BCS standings analysts for their big prime-time BCS standings show on Sunday nights.

Thanks to Twitter, I don’t feel a need to tune in to the show, but some will just to see what crazy comments will come out of the mouths of James or Bayless, who thinks that Bob Stoops should be fired immediately following the loss to Texas Tech.

My conversation today with Steve Bennett from The Sports Casters is not intended to publicly criticize any member of the media (I have a respect for anyone in the industry even when I disagree with their philosophy or opinions), but more to figure out which media outlets get it and which do not.

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