Nominated: 2011 BallHyped Sports Blog of the Year Tournament

Nominated: 2011 BallHyped Sports Blog of the Year Tournament

I am pleased to announce that No 2-Minute Warning has been included in the BallHyped Sports Blog of the Year Tournament. Last year my podcast website was named the College Football Blog of the Year by BallHyped.

This year things are a little bit different with no category awards and instead of lumping the top 64 sites on the BallHyped blog roll for the ultimate tournament of sports blogs. your votes will help determine the winners.

The first round of voting is already underway and No 2-Minute Warning is paired up against Dear Mr. Fantasy.

We’ll keep the updated tournament on the site, right here, for as long as the site is in the running. First-round voting ends December 22, and the second round begins Friday.

Nominated: 2011 BallHyped Sports Blog of the Year Tournament

It is an honor to be included in the tournament, and your support is greatly appreciated! Please make sure to vote today and throughout the tournament. Also be sure to cast your vote for friends of the podcast including Big East Coast Bias, Eye And Ear, Blatant Homerism, and College Football Zealots (who are pitted against each other in round one).

As I hope you know by now, I do this podcast as a hobby more than anything as well as to complement my college football coverage on other outlets. This has opened up some great opportunities for me as a result, perhaps more than I initially envisioned.

Things will be somewhat slow until after the new year as far as the actual podcast is concerned, but I continue to build on it and have some plans being drafted for 2012.

I appreciate all of the feedback I have received so far, both positive and negative, and will always be on the lookout for how to make this podcast better moving forward.

So thank you to all who have listened, commented, or been a guest on the podcast. There are too many to list now.

Your vote for the site in this tournament is a testament not only to me but also to those who have helped make this podcast and website what it has evolved into over the course of the year.

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Hi, I am Daniel Madisson (Owner and Author) of No2minutewarning. I did Masters from University of Florida in sports. I love to write about sports, their varieties and to spill all the inside beans of very loving sports game of yours.

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