Did Urban Meyer really break the Florida Gators?

Did Urban Meyer really break the Florida Gators?

Two BCS championships can certainly raise the bar for a football program. According to a recent investigative report by Matt Hayes of The Sporting News, it can also let players and coaches get away with a lot of stuff as well. So the question remains, did Urban Meyer break Florida football?

According to the report published by The Sporting News on Monday, former Florida head coach Urban Meyer cut some major slack for key players on his Gators teams during the stretch of winning a pair of BCS championships, including sweeping some serious acts under the proverbial rug.

The culture that was cultivated by Meyer, according to the report, raises some eyebrows, especially given the decisions made by Meyer’s ultimate successor in Gainesville, Will Muschamp.

Muschamp has been attempting to clean up the Florida program, parting ways with some players that may have benefitted from the Meyer Regime.

Meyer is now on his way to coach Ohio State, with expectations already running high in Columbus despite being placed on a one-year postseason ban by the NCAA for 2012 to start a probation period.

Did Urban Meyer really break the Florida Gators?

Already Ohio State fans are shrugging aside the story, downplaying the credibility of Matt Hayes, and just focusing on getting out of their own little mess in Columbus. But it is worth taking a closer look if you are Ohio State.

The NCAA will already be keeping a closer eye on the Ohio State football program in light of how the Jim Tressel era ended unceremoniously. If these reports of what was happening on Meyer’s watch in Gainesville are merited, then don’t you think the folks in Indianapolis will be even more attentive to the daily operations of the Ohio State football program? Of course, they will.

But, the question here is just how uncommon or serious are these reports brought to light by The Sporting News? Is it common to see the more high-profile players on a team bond together and receive special treatment from the coaching staff? Probably not, but how far do those that lenience go? That is a serious concern for any program.

On the podcast today I spoke with Barrett Sallee, Bleacher Report’s SEC blogger. I wanted to get his reaction to the story and get a feel for how serious this is down in SEC country. And while we were able to talk I had to get in a few questions about Bobby Petrino and the ongoing saga with Arkansas.

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