2012 Heisman Trophy Preview With Heisman Pundit

2012 Heisman Trophy Preview With Heisman Pundit

It happens every year, doesn’t it? A player with all sorts of ability on the field and a high skill set sort of flies under the radar and works his way up to make a legitimate push for the Heisman Trophy.

It happened last year with Baylor’s Robert Griffin III and the year before with Auburn’s Cam Newton. So the question today is whether or not there are any players out there capable of doing the same this season?

There are some clear favorites in my book for the 2012 Heisman Trophy, with USC quarterback Matt Barkley and Wisconsin running back Montee Ball taking the top two spots in my personal Heisman watch as I write this.

Of course, I also just assumed that Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck would waltz to a Heisman Trophy last season.

Despite an outstanding season from Luck, the top pick in the NFL Draft, it was next to impossible for me to argue against RG3 and his Heisman accolades.

To me, the Heisman Trophy not only should go to the best player in college football but also to the player who is most important to the success of his team. If RG3 was not playing for Baylor, would anyone be talking about the Bears? Probably not.

On the podcast, today is Chris Huston. You know him better as the Heisman Pundit. Huston is one of the most respected writers who dedicates his time to the Heisman Trophy, and his work and dedication to the award have been recognized by Sports Illustrated, Bruce Feldman, and more.

He also owns a Heisman Trophy vote, and he released his Heisman Pundit Watch List earlier this month. We discussed some of the big names to watch, what plays in their favor along the way and what challenges some may face.

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