Arkansas Black, New Road Uniforms Leaked

Arkansas Black, New Road Uniforms Leaked

Arkansas has hopped on the black uniform bandwagon, much to our chagrin. Please, America. No more black jerseys!*

The above photo was posted on on Monday, all but confirming that Arkansas will add a black football jersey to their uniform combinations in 2012.

What we can see in this photo is the black jersey features white numbers outlined in Arkansas’ cardinal red.

I like the number style, to be honest. On top of the number is the word “Arkansas,” which is good because these jerseys have no way of being identifiable with the Razorbacks, which is why we here will be likely to offer a thumbs down if asked.

Above that is the SEC patch and Nike swoosh, with a black and red Razorback emblem at the bottom of the neckline, and Nike patented Flywire trim shooting out around the collar.

The jersey will not offer much in the sleeves, thus making it more difficult for defenders to grab a hold of the jersey, giving the offensive playmakers a little extra advantage when running with the football. Every little bit helps.

One question I have for the black uniform, of course, is what will the helmet look like? Will Arkansas stick with their regular helmets when wearing this alternate jersey or is there a super-secret black helmet to be unveiled later? Or perhaps a white helmet?

According to The Helmet Project, Arkansas has never worn a helmet that was a different color than cardinal. Also, will there be black pants to accompany the jersey?

Arkansas will also wear an updated version of their road jersey, which follows the same template the black jersey does as far as style goes, with some more traditional color options for the Razorbacks and a couple of tweaks from the potential alternate jersey…

The Razorback logo at the bottom of the neckline shows the full logo, as opposed to just the head, and actually looks more like an Arkansas road jersey. The sleeves once again are shortened to provide a little extra advantage and overall the design looks pretty slick.

Now we just need to see how the design looks for the home jerseys because it is probably a safe assumption at this point that the home unis will receive a similar upgrade.

For now, the road whites will get a seal of approval (Note to self, design a seal of approval), while the black jerseys get a thumbs down and early consideration for next year’s Worst Uniform Tournament.

The general rule here is that black jerseys should be avoided unless your school actually considers black to be an official school color.

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