UTSA Head Coach Larry Coker Sees a Bright Future in San Antonio

UTSA Head Coach Larry Coker Sees a Bright Future in San Antonio

University of Texas at San Antonio head coach Larry Coker was my guest on the podcast today and we tried to cover as much ground as possible in a short amount of time.

Among the major topics, we did cover was the quick rise of the UTSA football program. Last year saw the first football game played in program history. Next year they will be playing in Conference USA.

“It’s been overwhelming,” Coker said of the program’s rise through the ranks of college football.”We never really thought it would be that fast.”

But don’t let that lead you to think that Coker and the rest of the program in San Antonio are intimidated. to see this program grow because of it.” As for recruiting, Coker knows that the rapid growth of the program has a benefit as well.

Some of the discussion points in our short time include getting an update on what Coker has been up to since we last saw him coaching at Miami, what lured him to UTSA, starting the program from scratch, and the benefits and challenges in doing so, recruiting challenges in the state of Texas, which postseason format he prefers and more.

I realize there are some questions that were left out of the conversation. I had some questions I would have liked to touch on if time allowed, but there was only so much we could discuss in this short period of time.

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