Talking about Boise State’s future, both near and distant

Talking about Boise State’s future, both near and distant

July 1 is just days away and Boise State has yet to officially sign off on its withdrawal from the Mountain West Conference. Could the Broncos be having a case of cold feet and leave the Big East at the altar in a similar fashion as TCU?.

The chances that Boise State follows through with their eventual move to the Big East are still looking pretty solid, but after witnessing the way other schools have wasted no time in taking care of their conference moves.

Some examples…

West Virginia to the Big 12 – School sues Big east to be released from conference regardless of the 27-month waiting period

Pittsburgh to ACC – School takes note of what happens with the West Virginia lawsuit and files their own lawsuit against Big East to assure they can leave for ACC

TCU to Big 12 – TCU accepts invite to Big East, spits on it, and accepts spot in Big 12

Missouri to SEC – Missouri renovates stadium, designs new uniforms, places billboards advertising move to SEC

Texas A&M to SEC – Holds huge pep rally for SEC announcement, begins taking down Big 12 logos around campus and replacing them with SEC logo quickly

I wanted to get a better perspective on what is happening surrounding Boise State as that deadline creeps closer, so I asked Brian Murphy from The Idaho Statesman to join me on the podcast.

Talking about Boise State’s future, both near and distant

Few people have as firm a grip on the Boise sports scene as Murphy (OK, there is not a whole lot to grasp but I digress). Murphy was kind enough to set aside some time to shed some light on Boise State’s conference alignment as well as the state of the Mountain West Conference.

At the time of this recording, we had not heard from the BCS executives and conference commissioners on the official adoption of the four-team playoff model, but we explored that scenario anyway assuming it would go through in a short time, which it clearly did.

One of the other topics we discuss includes what will happen to Idaho football and what sort of timeline they are dealing with to determine what will happen with their program. Idaho is scrambling to evaluate its options as the WAC is crumbling beneath them and nobody aside from the Big Sky is looking to invite them.

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