Duke to Wear Three Helmets, Including An All-Black Helmet?

Duke to Wear Three Helmets, Including An All-Black Helmet?

Duke may have high academic standards and plenty of brains within its program and university, but it is clear that nobody goes to Duke to major in fashion design.

If the major was offered (I’m just assuming it is not, as I did not check the course catalog), then perhaps we could avoid this potential travesty this fall, a black football helmet with a black Duke logo.

Let’s go through this one by one…

Let’s start with the white helmet and move left to right because I will have more to say as we go.

The white helmet has been worn by Duke throughout most of their program’s history and has been the regular helmet now since 2004, with some slight modifications to the face mask.

This replaced a blue helmet with the word “Duke” labeling the side of the helmet in black script. This is the best helmet for Duke, without question, with the Duke “D” on the side.

In the middle, we see the blue helmet, which actually looks pretty good and should look good when worn this season. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the last time Duke wore a blue helmet was between 1994 and 2003. Duke also wore a blue helmet in 1979 and 1980.

Duke is synonymous with blue, so a blue helmet should have been expected. While the helmet looks good by itself, what will it look like with an all-blue uniform Duke could potentially wear?

Let’s just say there is probably a reason Duke wears a white helmet. what if it is paired with the road uniform? I’d be interested to see it.

And finally, we have the black helmet, so let the rumor-mongering and wild imaginations run rampant.

This uniform looks similar to the all-black Cincinnati helmet we have seen pop up before, as well as the Missouri Pro Combat helmet from a few years back. Of course, these are schools that have adopted black as an official school color so this design is not out of place.

But this is Duke. The Duke Blue Devils. Hopefully, by now, you know where we stand on this issue. The official stance on adopting black for a uniform when it is not included in the school colors is that we frown upon it.

Without any more information, we can only hypothesize that Duke will top their black alternate uniforms, or an updated black alternate uniform, with the all-black helmet. Previously Duke wore black uniforms with their standard white helmet

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