Report says Miami, Al Golden continued recruiting violations

Report says Miami, Al Golden continued recruiting violations

Miami was already under scrutiny for one of the most serious recruitment scandals we’ve seen in recent memory. It now looks like Al Golden and the new coaching staff may not have been playing within the rules since taking over the program last year.

Like Charles Robinson Yahoo! Report on! Play Play;

the lifelong right-hand man of equipment manager and convicted Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro. Recruitment rules for multiple players in the Miami area, Yahoo! The game is learned.

Golden, hired by Miami in mid-December 2010, was a former employee of the Hurricane Athletic Department and had direct knowledge of Allen’s improper involvement with the Miami recruits, as evidenced by federal testimony by Allen in Shapiro’s bankruptcy case.

The sport that Allen plays at the Miami Athletics has become the focus of the association’s investigation. The sources said investigators focused on Allen’s role in providing unacceptable advantages to Storm players, as well as his contacts with Miami recruits.

So, if the report is true, then Miami was intentionally committing NCAA recruiting violations while the investigation was investigating recruiting violations?

Golden issued a statement Friday night denying any involvement in the potential recruitment breaches. As provided by Miami Athletics;

“I have been a college football coach for over 18 years and I am proud of my record of compliance over that period and I stand by. As my colleagues and players on all my teams can attest, I am with the best of intentions.” ” “I’m a firm believer in doing things the right way.

Conclusions and tips at Yahoo! The story of the game that my conduct was anything but moral is just a lie. I, like all of us at U-M, have and will continue to cooperate with the joint NCAA-UM inquiry so that our program and our university can progress.

As the process is underway, I am unable to answer or answer questions on any specific matter in this matter.”

  • Al Golden, July 20, 2012

Honestly, Miami would be lucky to get away with paddling if it’s all that accurate. The school is under investigation and may be added to the mix. As if the restrictions in Miami weren’t enough already, this has to be taking things to another level, right?

And how about the timing of all this? The ACC Football kickoff is scheduled for Sunday and Monday. I’ll be on the scene in Greensboro, ready to see what has been said about this (don’t expect much).

As for my initial reaction, I was surprised. Swarna always seemed to me to be someone who did the right thing in the temple.

Having the opportunity to personally cover Owls and Golds and see what I did with that program, there was never a genuine suspicion of any questionable or illegitimate team activities or recruitment tactics. Of course, I’ve been fooled before in the past year, so I guess it’s a little easier to ask some tough questions about what I’ve seen.

Was Temple’s recent success under the Golden Time in Philadelphia legitimized? I guess it was, though it definitely raises an eyebrow for me because Owls have enjoyed consistent success for longer than ever.

Temple brought some genius products that moved to the NFL, the program returned after two seasons over the past three years, and now the program is back in the Big East after working back from the literal bottom of college football. World.

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