Episode 128 – Talking Big 12 Football With Greg Swaim

Episode 128 – Talking Big 12 Football With Greg Swaim

Happy college football day everybody! Today the 2012 college football season officially kicks off and we all deserve to sit back, relax and enjoy some college football action tonight.

We talked a little bit about the South Carolina-Vanderbilt game and some other notable SEC games taking place in yesterday’s podcast with Barrett Sallee. Today we take a quick look at the Big 12 with Greg Swaim.

The Big 12 does not have any real notable games on the week one schedule but there is plenty to discuss with this conference heading into the 2012 season.

Nevertheless, it is a fun conference and there should be some fantastic games to pay attention to as we go through the schedule.

Some of the topics we discussed in this episode include:

  • What the additions of West Virginia and TCU mean
  • Can-West Virginia make a Big 12 title run in 2012? What about TCU?
  • Or is Oklahoma still the team to beat despite some recent roster adjustments?
  • Will freshman Wes Lunt be able to keep the Oklahoma State Cowboys from crashing back to Earth this fall?
  • Does Mack Brown wish he still had Garrett Gilbert?
  • How does Baylor follow up last season without Robert Griffin III?
  • Bill Snyder, the legend

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