Episode 129 – Talking Big East, Louisville With Mark Ennis

Episode 129 – Talking Big East, Louisville With Mark Ennis

There has been a lot of talk about how much the Big East seems to be slipping down the ladder of college football, and collegiate athletics, pedigree. The Big East has become a punching bag that everyone feels is ready for a few punches.

  • Is Pittsburgh losing to Youngstown State? The Big East stinks.
  • Temple losing to Maryland? The Big East stinks.
  • Rutgers at South Florida on Thursday night? The Big East stinks.
  • The NFL replacement refs are ruining the game. Uh, sure why not. The Big East stinks.

It almost doesn’t matter what you are talking about. Somebody will likely find a way to rip on the Big East conference, whether it is a fair criticism or not.

The news that Notre Dame is heading to the ACC in all sports but football (and hockey) was just one of the latest reasons some found to pile on the Big East.

The latest news that the Orange Bowl may prefer to align a partnership with the Big Ten or SEC even without a conference champion deal, or Notre Dame, instead of the Big East champion was this week’s reason to continue trashing the Big East.

As for that new TV deal, the conference is looking to secure? Michael Bradley says a depleted conference will mean the Big East struggles to score big.

Whenever I want to get a good take on the state of the Big East, I call on Mark Ennis from Big East Coast Bias. Ennis has become the target of Big East criticism on Twitter, through absolutely no fault of his own.

The truth is no matter what the stat of the Big East is, Ennis will have a fair and objective point of view on the conference.

In our conversation we take a look at what losing Notre Dame means for the Big East, as well as what may be in the future for the conference’s bowl line-up and what eventually happens for the television package currently up for renegotiating (currently exclusively open to ESPN).

We also take a couple of moments to discuss the success of the Louisville Cardinals, the preseason favorites in the Big East, the rise and maturation of Teddy Bridgewater as well as a couple of games involving Big East teams (Rutgers @ Arkansas, Louisville @ Florida International, and Temple @ Penn State).

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