What Does HITC Mean in Football {Real answer}

HITC means football, a unique and versatile route for passing. In football, there are many routes and ways through which a player can pass during the game to get close to scoring. Apart from the nine routes of the Route tree, HITC is different, so players need more time to learn it.

Generally, the route only comprises five yards, and receivers cover the distance with the ball and then go back towards a quarterback.

At that time, wide receivers also move toward the quarterbacks for that ball.

When the offense requires moving the ball, the receiver uses the short passing route of HITC to gain some yards. The route length is good enough for the receiver to cover in a short time, and it also acts as a quick-hitting way.

What Is HITC Sport?

HITC sport is a YouTube channel where two guys make videos of football(soccer) regarding ranking, ratings, and opinions. Michael Ramsay (Irish man) and James Rutherford ( HITC James) have run the Irish channel on YouTube since 23rd October 2014.

In the beginning, Michael Ramsay created videos on important football events. He also gathered what football fans of England think about situations and dynamics of football politics.

He also asked football fans about their opinion on the worst decisions in football politics and their feelings regarding that.

During the first four to six videos, he took opinions of Lead united f.c. Fans, Newcastle United F.C. fans, and then he moved to bigger clubs fans like Liverpool F.C., Manchester City F.C., and more.

Currently, the channel has 476000 subscribers who watch the content. However, the view amount is larger than the subscriber number because the channel has popularity among soccer lovers.

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What Does HITC Stand For?

At first, GRV media of Britain created a website to post news and entertainment-related articles. Today, HITC has two favorite soccer-related YouTube channels named HITC football, which appeared in 2014, and HITC seven started in 2017. The full form of HITC is “Here in the city.”

Michael Ramsay created the HITC football youtube channel, and now he features Jamer Rutherford on the channel. They both make different content about soccer players and their performances.

Mostly they make videos like “best soccer player in the tournament” and content like that.

They also cater to the opinions of soccer fans of different clubs and make rankings and ratings of players according to that.

The channel mainly focuses on players’ performances and the opinions of fans. Then they create a list of ratings, rankings, and opinions based on the data.

Many soccer lovers like the channel as they also update the latest news on soccer.

what does HITC mean, football

How Long Is A Hitch Route In Football?

Depending upon the route length, the passing route has two names: hitch and hook. Generally, HITC means football; a receiver runs a short distance of 5 yards. In the case of a hitch, a receiver covers 5 yards distance, and in a hook, the maximum distance is between 8 yards to 12 yards.

After completing the 5 yards straight run, the receiver returns and turns toward a quarterback.

The hitch route is small, but players need more practice executing the whole performance precisely during the match. The route also does not fall under the Route Tree of football.

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What Is The Meaning Of Hitched?

Hitched has many meanings in English. Here is a list of meanings of the word.

  • When the hitch is used in verb form, it has the following meanings.
  1. To move something in a jerking way. For example- he is hitching the tool near the door.
  2. To connect or fasten something by a knot. For example- the girl hitched the cow to the bamboo post.
  3. To be married. For example- Samantha and Patrick got hitched last summer.
  • The hitch has the following meanings when used as a noun.
  1. A small difficulty that causes some delay in an event. For example, the program will start after fifteen minutes for some technical hitch.
  2. Fastening. For example – sailors know many types of rope hitch for different functions.
  3. An unexpected problem. For example- the small stationery shop was going well before the hitch of the fire last night.

In football, a hitch is a type of footwork. Usually, quarterbacks use footwork before throwing the ball in difficult situations.

what does HITC mean, football

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is hit and bounds in football?

In football, a hit means the action where the quarterback is moving towards the ball to hit it with the leg. But the action sometimes causes neck injury to the tackler. For that reason, the quarterback needs to be careful during hitting.

In football, bound refers to the boundaries of the football ground. At that time, the ball carrier is officially putting the ball on the ground. When a player plays within boundary lines, it refers to as inbound, and when they play outside or cross the lines, it denotes out of bound. However, the word is also used as a verb and depicts different meanings.

2. What do HITC sevens stand for?

Hits sevens is a youtube channel that posts soccer-related news and updates. The channel is popular among sports lovers for its awesome content. They started their journey in June 2017. Alfie Potts Harmer is the main video creator of the channel. Soccer lovers wait for their content to come on youtube. It has that kind of craze in the people.

3. Why did the Irish guy leave HITC?

When Irish guy Michael Ramsay started working with HITC, the channel producers and he agreed on the same terms of giving relevant content regarding soccer to people in an entertaining way. But now, he found some difficulties working with HITC regarding the rules and regulations. So, he tries to follow new ways and methods to reach more soccer fans and people through his youtube channel.

Recently, he noticed that many of his fellow YouTubers posted the same kind of videos and got higher views than others. So, he also wants to modify the old ways and try something new to get more views. To do that, he needs to leave HITC, and that’s why he left the channel.

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