What Does TOT Mean In Fantasy Football (Explaination)

Fantasy football means where you assume the future performance of your football team or a particular player and then relate your assumption to reality.

If your assumptions become true, you get rewards or don’t get any rewards. TOT means in fantasy football is the total and generally denotes the total touchdown number a player has made in a game.

Most people involved in fantasy football use their phones to see the game’s score or the player’s current scenario.

When a match occurs, and every player is making a move, your mobile screen will fill with data. For example, if a player makes a touchdown by rushing, that will pop up on your screen.

Now, imagine a scenario where every time a player makes a touchdown by rushing or receiving, you get a notification for that.

So, how much data will you get in one match for one player? And the data will cover up your screen and make you confused to see the original scenario.

For making the data appear easy on your mobile screen ESPN and other sports channels use the term, TOT. The term is simple.

You see a player’s name and TOT number, so you can understand that the player has made that number of total touchdowns in the match until that time.

After seeing the TOT number beside your player’s name, you can know how many total touchdowns he has made in the game.

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And if you like to see details, you can also see them by clicking on the player’s name. In this way, you can easily see your team’s total score in detail.

What Does Tot Mean In Football Defense?

TOT applies not only to a touchdown but also to other criteria, like in defense. On the score box, you might notice that the TOT number appears beside defensive players’ names. Here TOT means the total number of tackles the player has made in the match. So, the number consists of both solo and assisted tackles together.

In brief, TOT in football defense denotes the total number of tackles a player has made individually or with the team in the game.

What Does TOT Mean In Fantasy Football For A Quarterback?

What Does TOT Mean In Fantasy Football

TOT is also used for football quarterback players who make touchdowns by throwing and rushing. Football players expect to throw touchdowns from quarterbacks in every match. However, they are also capable of rushing touchdowns as well.

In a whole game, quarterbacks make many touchdowns. They make some of them by passing while some come from rushing.

That’s why you see a TOT display beside their names to indicate the total touchdowns the player has done.

As the TOT means in fantasy football for a quarterback, the total touchdown number though the statistic, has some issues for quarterbacks. In quarterbacks, there is a moderate difference between the passing touchdown number and the rushing touchdown number. The difference makes the TOT a little bit unclear for quarterbacks.

What Does Tot Mean In Football For A Running Back?

What Does TOT Mean In Fantasy Football

In the case of a running back player TOT denotes the total touchdown number of the player by rushing and receiving. They are also involved in making a touchdown so that you can see the TOT stat beside their name.

To see a quarterback’s TOT value, you must be careful in choosing the correct app because some apps display the TOT stat by adding rushing yards, receiving yards and touchdown numbers.

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So, in that case, you may become confused about the original touchdown number.

To avoid confusion, try to see the statistics in a pp where you can see the total touchdown number a player has made in a single match. In this way, you can clearly understand the score of your players and team.

Football, How Many Points Do You Score From A TD

What Does TOT Mean In Fantasy Football

In football, you score six points from a touchdown or TD. Apart from the touchdown point, the scoring team gets another opportunity right after the touchdown.

If they can do another touchdown, they get an additional 2 points or 1 point as PAT (point after touchdown).

So, you can see that one touchdown is valued at six points. But after that, the scoring team can get either one point additional by an extra kick or a two-point conversion.

That’s how one touchdown leads to a total of seven points or eight points.

Apart from that, the scoring team can also get two points from safety and additional 3 points from a field goal after a touchdown.


What is a tot in football?

TOT in football means total, and most of the time, the term denotes the total touchdown number of a player in a single match.

When you see the TOT number on an app, you get the idea of the total touchdown number of a player.

A player can make a touchdown by any means, like receiving or rushing. Every time he makes a touchdown, you can get a notification like RU TDs or RE TD according to rushing or receiving touchdowns.

Here RU denotes rushing, whereas RE refers to receiving. This way, displaying the score on your mobile screen will fill up with data.

So, apps provide the data in TOT numbers, the total touchdown number irrespective of rushing and receiving.

In football defence, the TOT number refers to the number of engagements of a player in tackling. Additionally, TOT refers to a defensive player’s total tackles.

When you see a TOT stat besides a defensive player’s name, it means the number of tackles he has made in the game. So, when you see the TOT stat of a defensive player, it shows the number of his solo and other players’ tackles.

What are football stats?

Stats or statistics refers to the analysis of numeric data of a specific subject and predicting the most suitable future outcome from that data.

Currently, in football, stats have been used to collect data and predict the future result of a match.

Football stats generally count what a team is doing to win and the other team’s response to that response.

So, according to the action of the football game, you can see defensive and offensive stats. The sports stats collects the data of touchdowns, passing attempts, interceptions, rushing attempts, sacks, yards, fumbles and passing completion.

After gathering all the data, you can assume the result of a match, or you can compare your assumptions of a player’s performance to the result.

What does TDS mean in football?

In football, TDs mean the touchdown a player has made after an interception, blocked kick or fumble.

A touchdown is the only one a player makes immediately after any of the abovementioned incidents. TDs scored six points.

As a touchdown fetches the highest score in football, both teams need to go for the touchdown.

After 1889 the new rule defined that when a player entered the goal line with the ball in his hand, it would be recorded as a touchdown. No need to touch the ball on the ground after entering the goal line.

What does PD mean in football?

PD is comparatively a new stat in football that stands for passes defended. Imagine a match scene where a quarterback has thrown the ball to the receiver, and another team’s defender is present.

Now everyone is thinking about what will happen next. Will the receiver grab the ball, or the defender can snatch the ball from the receiver’s grasp.

To analyze the scene, PD is recorded. If the receiver gets the ball, the incident will be recorded as reception in PD; if the defender gets that, then the incident will be an interception.

PD stat is mostly used to analyze the defender’s performance, but sometimes it gives sufficient data about a quarterback’s decision.

If a quarterback throws the ball to a receiver who is present nearby the defenders, it shows the quarterback’s poor judgment skill.

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